Our business is based on exporting apples to faraway destinations. We have experience regarding right varieties, logistics, packaging and procedures. 

Our apples for export

Red Delicious

Sweet & hard. Perfect colorisation. Extremely good price benchmark  vs Red Delicious from any other countries. Very durable during long shipments. Long shelf life.
Sports of Red Delicious we export: Red Chief, Camspur, Red Cap, Erovan, Red Velox, King Roat .

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[Obecnie nie oferujemy jabłek na rynku polskim.]

Gala Schniga

Sweet, crunchy, tasty. Very nice striped colorisation. The best Gala for long shipments. The most popular in Poland is Gala Must, but this is not a choice for more than 30 days shipments. Gala Schniga is the best choice as far as hardeness, appearance and durability is considered. 

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Red Jonaprince (Prince)

Sweet, very nice taste. Full red color. More and more volumes available in Poland. 

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Other Polish varieties.

Apples grown in Poland are usually bicoloured. We like them very much, but we like the characteristic sweet & sour taste. It is a reflection of our natural enviroment: hot summer days and cold autumn nights. Apples get sweeter and sweeter while the day & night temperature amplitude gets bigger. These apples can be exported as well but because of their higher fragility, the export shall end already in November, in our opinion.

Our recommendation: 


Very sweet apple. When we produce from pressed Sampion it taste like pear. It has very good taste. After harvested we need to carefully monitor its condition. If QC is ok then smart freshed Sampion can be a good choice for October and November shipments.

Color: +50% average


Typical bicoloured Polish apple, sweet and sour taste. It has been nb 1 apple regarding volumes we have exported so far. In blind tests in Poland it gets the highest scores. It's price is very competetive. Long shipments are ok but the best is to send it as fresh as possible. 

Color: +30% average


It used to be the number 1 Polish apple for export. It’s ‘sub variety’ called Najdared has 100% red color. This apple is very durable but its taste is rather poor. Also, because it is the cheapest one, during crops, growers don’t treat it with a necessary care

Color: 40%-100%

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