Apple King Juice

Apple King ™ – the best, REAL 100%, natural apple juice.

We proudly present our most premium product: the best apple juice you can find. The biggest secret of our production: we produce only from our own apples of the best quality. We don’t use industrial apples.

Apple King -NFC apple juice

  • Only from DESSERT APPLES of the first quality


  • Contains HEALTHY INGREDIENTS from fresh apples

  • NATURALLY CLOUDY: not filtrated, not clarificated

  • No SUGAR or WATER added

  • No PRESERVATIVES of any kind

  • GREAT TASTE, loved by adults and CHILDREN!

  • Not to be repeated on a mass scale

  • No artificial vitamin C added

  • Apples certified with GLOBAL GAP

  • Shelflife: 12 MONTHS

  • The hardest possible carton for bag in box

  • Packaging: 1 liter Tetra Pak, 3-10 liters bag in box

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