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We are a group of fruit and vegetables growers. Currently we consociate 18 fruit farms

Grupa Sad office

with a long growing tradition. Our acreage reaches 500 ha.

Our core specialty are apples. We can offer you the best quality of Polish apples available, from the most famous of its apples orchards regions of Grojec, Warka and Sandomierz, together with the county of Bledow called the „Europe’s biggest orchard”.

Grójeckie apples are grown in the south of the Mazowieckie Region. This area, due to the number of orchards located there, is referred to as “the largest orchard in Europe”. The beginning of the development of fruit-growing in the vicinity of Grójec falls on a period of the reign of Queen Bona, who in 1545 received large stretches of land in that area. Thanks to her efforts, back then the number of court orchards in the Grójec district was several times higher than in other districts.

Grójeckie apples are characterised by distinctive taste resulting from the unique proportions of acids and sugars. It is affected by the climate of the region and, in particular, by the lower night temperature in the pre-harvest period. Not only the characteristic taste is distinctive for Grójeckie apples, we can also easily recognise them due to a blush on the skin which is larger than average for a given variety. The climate and soil conditions in the region also affect the quality of flesh and the size of apples.

Our fruit production is Global Gap certified.

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Besides apples we offer also unique apple juice. On each production stage we carefully care about the final quality of our goods. We are proud to deliver only the healthiest, always fresh and juicy fruit.

For our Customers we provide our own logistic service.


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